Travel the world while living the dream!!! I never thought I would get to travel all over the world. I was 28 when I took the leap of faith and I had very little money. I now travel all over the world regularly and I do it with 2 babies!! Ask Me Anything

Ciara Doran
Dec 2, 2017

Believe you can and I will help you. I will give u my best advice on how to go about it and help nudge you in the right direction. Ask me how I did it and continue to do so. You can have the life of your b mtoo. Fancy sipping a beer at the beach? I am sitting on a beach right now. What is stopping you? Perhaps it is your limiting beliefs that it is unachievable? Let me tell you that if I can do it, anyone can! Check out my magazine blog here







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Did you experience being judged by how people look at you?

Dec 8, 10:57PM EST0

Would you recommend to everyone to travel around the world with very young children? 

Dec 8, 4:41PM EST0

What destination would you reccomend for a first time traveler?

Dec 4, 8:18AM EST0

What is the best city/country you have ever visited?

Dec 3, 3:46AM EST0

Best city is Paris and best country is a tie between Thailand and New Zealand 😍

Dec 3, 3:50AM EST0

And what particular landmarks/places in Paris/Thailand/New Zealand will you recommend for others who would also visit there? 

Dec 3, 3:54AM EST0

Have you travelled to a country which you thought you wanted to retire to?

Dec 2, 8:59PM EST0

Yes, I have decided I would love to retire in New Zealand. It has so much to offer. The people are amazing, it’s beautiful and it’s a safe country. So many pluses. We are currently applying for residency

Dec 2, 9:35PM EST0

Congrats and good for you!

Dec 2, 5:14PM EST0

Thanks, nice of u to say. Where there is a will there’s a way 😊

Dec 2, 7:20PM EST0

How much longer do you want to travel?

Dec 1, 10:54PM EST0

I always want to travel and even having babies hadn’t stopped me so I guess forever! 

Dec 2, 2:56AM EST0

How did you first wind-up with traveling?

Dec 1, 9:23PM EST0

Actually my boyfriend at the time lost his job and asked me to go traveling to Australia with him. We started planning everything and then broke up. I had already handed in my notice in Work and we were due to leave in a few weeks! I went on to get another job and decided to go anyway. I met 2 girls wanting to travel also so we joined forces and went together. We parted ways after a month as they were going to Perth and I didn’t want to go that far. I stayed in Sydney and that’s where it all started for me 😊

Dec 2, 2:55AM EST0

How do you decide on where to go next?

Dec 1, 4:52PM EST0

It usually depends on our circumstances and where the less expensive flights are at the time. We like to choose new places we haven’t been but that’s not always possible so we tend to go to places we know we love and are child friendly 

Dec 1, 6:28PM EST0

Where do you consider is a paradise and why there?

Dec 1, 12:48PM EST0

I consider Thailand to be a paradise. It is so beautiful and the beaches are out of this world. Everything is cheap so u can live like a queen. Full body massage on the beach, manicures and pedicures and cocktails til dawn! Happy days

Dec 1, 4:05PM EST0

How do you handle travelling and parenting at the same time?

Dec 1, 10:35AM EST0

It is the same as parenting normally. There is no difference!

Dec 1, 4:03PM EST0

How can you support your travel expenses when you are always traveling?

Dec 1, 9:42AM EST0

It depends on when and where. When I first went backpacking I arranged Work for accommodation through backpacker board and workaway.info which were brilliant and I was able to work other part time jobs locally while enjoying my time. I since got various certificates in different areas, meaning I have the upper hand in interviews for various jobs. Managers certificates are useful. I have an online business and my partner owns a business so we can afford to work between seasons and off peak times. Working online is flexible

Dec 1, 4:02PM EST0

What has been the perfect vacation you've ever been to?

Dec 1, 8:26AM EST0

New Zealand. It has everything you could want from a holiday. The beauty is unspoilt and everywhere and the people are amazing. 

Dec 1, 3:58PM EST0

How often do you travel in a year?

Dec 1, 6:44AM EST0

It depends but this year we are away for 4 months so bringing us into next year we will be there 6 months and traveling for a month then stay 6 months as it is a visa condition

Dec 1, 3:56PM EST0

Where is your next travel destination?

Dec 1, 6:41AM EST0

My next destination will be around the South Island of New Zealand and Singapore then back to the south of France

Dec 1, 3:55PM EST0

Do you always bring along your children whenever you travel? Why?

Dec 1, 3:51AM EST0

I would always want my children with me and I usually travel for non work related reasons. It is the lifestyle we chose and we normally go for longer than a couple of weeks

Dec 1, 3:54PM EST0

How meticulous are you with skincare? Do you always prefer natural or organic?

Dec 1, 2:44AM EST0

I prefer natural and organic as it is better for my skin, the environment and the long term. I dabble with different products but always make a conscious decision when choosing products. The long term effects of some chemicals in beauty products is dangerous with known carcinogens being present 

Dec 1, 3:52PM EST0

What has been the most unforgettable vacation you've had?

Dec 1, 2:11AM EST0

I went backpacking in Thailand for a month on my way to Australia and it was a real cultural awakening. We tracked up to see hill tribes in Chang mai and it was so much fun, it’s beautiful and the people are wonderful 

Dec 1, 3:48PM EST0

What is fascinating about maintaining a newsletter?

Dec 1, 2:08AM EST0

You have a trust and connection with them on some level. This is important to know

Dec 1, 3:46PM EST0

What 5 important things do you need to put in your luggage whenever you have to travel with the babies?

Dec 1, 1:16AM EST0

Nappy changing gear, toys and games, bibs and food pouches, bottles and milk and a change of clothes

Dec 1, 3:45PM EST0

What is the risk involved for children who are always on the go?

Dec 1, 1:04AM EST0

There are no risks

Dec 1, 3:43PM EST0

Who do you travel with and how do you handle two babies while on the road, in an airplane or on a ship?

Dec 1, 12:52AM EST0

I travel with my partner, the babies Dad so I have help. I wouldn’t do it alone!! There are ways and means of bringing babies anywhere as it is essential

Dec 1, 3:41PM EST0

How often do you write and send out a newsletter to your subscribers?

Dec 1, 12:47AM EST0

It depends on how much time I have. My aim is to do a monthly one but I’m a bit lax about it at the moment. From what I’ve read online, it’s best to stick to a schedule. Working on it!

Dec 1, 3:40PM EST0

How meticulous are you with skincare? Do you always prefer natural or organic?

Dec 1, 12:39AM EST0

I wouldn’t call myself meticulous to be honest. I’m happy to try products out but in the long term I worry about the effects of certain chemicals so I prefer to use natural organic wherever possible. Organic is quite hard to find but I have an online shop dealing in Fairtrade organic skincare uk.nyrorganic.com/sho/ciaradoran. 

Dec 1, 3:38PM EST0

From who do you get inspiration or influence when it comes to style?

Nov 30, 11:06PM EST0

I love Olivia Palermo’s style and I watch what’s happening on the fashion scene for inspiration. I mainly rely on my own taste and I usually choose versatile clothes for traveling. Comfort is important too

Dec 1, 3:36PM EST0

Which prime destinations have you been to? How many in all?

Nov 30, 11:06PM EST0

I’ve been to most of Europe, South America, New Zealand, Australia, USA, most of Asia and various islands. There were too many too mention and I haven’t counted them all! I do stopovers on all long haul flights so some are only for a day or 2 but I have some great ways of flying on the cheap if u want some info

Dec 1, 3:34PM EST0

How many subscribers each for "Cool Things I love" and "Blog News Weekly"?

Nov 30, 11:05PM EST0

I have around 150 on each. I don’t really focus on subscribers but I am going to move in with an opt-in so I’m currently writing free ebooks for each. Just so busy at the moment!

Dec 1, 3:30PM EST0
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