My name is Louise, I'm a 22-year old freelance writer and I've gone on a solo budget trip to Japan! Ask me anything!

May 18, 2017

I always dreamed of going to Japan but always thought it was too expensive or that I couldn't afford it. After I graduated college, I decided to take the plunge and visit Japan on my own. I was 20 years old, working freelance, and I paid for my entire trip on my own. A lot of my friends ask me how I survived it, how I did it, and now I'm sharing my experience with other people. 

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Would you ever go back to Japan?

May 25, 1:53PM EDT0

How did you get into freelance writing?

May 24, 1:51PM EDT0

Was the price of food expensive in Japan?

May 23, 4:44PM EDT0

What was your favorite city in Japan?

May 23, 4:54AM EDT0

Did you go to school for writing?

May 22, 10:11PM EDT0

Did you have trouble communicating in Japan?

May 22, 4:29AM EDT0

How much time do you spend on your writing?

May 21, 2:32PM EDT0

Do come from upwork?

May 21, 12:24PM EDT1

Yeah, I work freelance at Upwork too

May 21, 1:09PM EDT0

Do you plan on going back to Japan?

May 21, 8:58AM EDT0

I do! I want to go back every year

May 21, 1:09PM EDT0

How much did you spend on your trip to Japan?

May 21, 5:46AM EDT0

Around CAD 1500 for roughly 10 days

May 21, 9:46PM EDT0

My question is, did you meet any friends while on your trip?

May 21, 12:47AM EDT0

I did! The first day I got so lost and the locals were so nice. I met a few friends just by being the lost tourist lol

May 21, 9:47PM EDT0

Did a lot of people over there speak English?

May 20, 7:54PM EDT0

No. Not a lot of people speak English but they do have other ways of communicating and will make an effort to help tourists find their way

May 21, 9:48PM EDT0

Hey, What was the most interesting thing you saw in Japan?

May 20, 7:27PM EDT0

Have you gone on any other major trips?

May 20, 7:21PM EDT0

Why did you choose to go alone? tia

May 20, 6:10PM EDT0

I got a really good airline deal and nobody else was game to shell out the money right that second. So I went alon

May 21, 9:48PM EDT0

What didn’t you like about your trip to Japan?

May 20, 11:37AM EDT0

Do you plan on being a freelance writer long term?

May 20, 9:03AM EDT0

Hi -- Did you enjoy the food in Japan?

May 20, 8:48AM EDT0

Did you see a lot of tourists or was it mainly locals?

May 19, 3:25PM EDT0

Were you nervous about travelling to Japan alone? Thank you

May 19, 6:31AM EDT0

If you go back do will you bring someone with you?

May 19, 6:22AM EDT0

What did you do before you became a freelance writer? Thanks

May 18, 11:24PM EDT0

Are you satisfied with the amount you earn as a freelance writer?

May 18, 11:11PM EDT0

Hi there, I would really love to go to Japan. Some times on how I can go on an budget-friendly trip?

May 18, 9:29PM EDT1

It depends on what you'll be fine living without on your trip. Like in my case, I really didnt mind packing light and sleeping on the bus so i was able to save on both transportation and accomodation. But if you wont be okay doing that there are a lot of budget hostels and capsule hotels for a unique experiencc

May 18, 10:45PM EDT1

When it comes to food, stick to small food stalls and hole-in-the-wall spots. There are a lot of great and inexpensive places to eat in Japan. Even their convenience store food is great. What I do is I go to the grocery before closing so I can grab some of their half off sushi deals

May 18, 10:47PM EDT1

What was one of your favorite things you did in Japan?

May 18, 6:55PM EDT1

I absolutely loved visiting temples and just walking around the city. Most temples are either free or cheap to get in. It gives you a great chance to experience Japanese culture. Fushimi Inari for example offers a really unique view as well as a himing trail and a market to shop for gifts 

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May 18, 10:49PM EDT0

What travel books do you recommend?

May 18, 4:48PM EDT1

I don't use books. For Japan though I found this site EXTREMELY helpful. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e623.html

I used it to plan my trips

May 18, 4:50PM EDT0

Why did you choose to go to Japan? tnx

May 18, 3:33PM EDT0

I always loved Japanese culture and as a solo female traveller, it was a great choice since it's really safe

May 18, 3:41PM EDT1
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Question, How long did it take you to save for this trip?

May 18, 2:51PM EDT0

It took me around half a year to save up for this trip. I didn't spend for ANYTHING ELSE. I was living on the cheap for half a year plus working freelance.

May 18, 3:51PM EDT1
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I'm half japanese and haven't returned to japan for 12 years. Whenever I try to plan a trip, tickets are ridiculously priced, even planned 3 years beforehand! How did you afford the tickets at first?

May 18, 10:50AM EDT1

I wait for ticket sales. I found that using Skyscanner or CheapFlights usually gives you good prices, but checking sites of budget airlines for flash sales work better. You could get half off tickets with that

May 18, 3:53PM EDT1

Are there ever times when you are unable to get a writing project?

May 18, 10:18AM EDT0

Yes. This happens a lot when freelancing. You're lucky if you have steady clients, but if you're like me and you're just starting out, it takes a while to build a steady clientelle. It's good to appluto more than one client at a time to lessen the risk ofhaving no projects at all

May 18, 4:25PM EDT0

Did you do any freelance writing while on your trip?

May 18, 8:26AM EDT0

No lol. I was on full-on vacation mode but I did use my experiences to fuel my writing afterwards

May 18, 4:26PM EDT0
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Will you be writing professionally about your trip?

May 18, 6:57AM EDT0

I do. Most of my freelance work involves travel writing so I write about my trips too

May 18, 4:26PM EDT0

Is this trip Japan the best trip you’ve ever been on?"

May 18, 4:59AM EDT0

i have to say it was. The surprising thing is, the fact that it was a budget trip made it a lot more memorable. I had to sleep on a bus on my way from Osaka to Tokyo to save on transpo and accomodations

May 18, 4:27PM EDT1
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Do you prefer writing fiction or non-fiction?

May 18, 4:29AM EDT0

I prefer writing non-fiction but I do enjoy fiction once in a while. I find writing fiction to be more draining since it requires more creativity 

May 18, 4:31PM EDT0

What don’t you like about job as a freelance writer?

May 18, 2:48AM EDT1

The lack of steady income is the biggest downside. Other than that, I love freelancing

May 18, 4:40PM EDT1

Did you visit any other Countries on your trip?

May 18, 2:39AM EDT0

I came from my home country (the Philippines) and went straight to Kansai. That's about it

May 18, 4:43PM EDT0

Are you interested in pursuing a full time writing job?

May 18, 1:10AM EDT1

I was a full-time journalist and copywriter but I had to migrate to Canada, so i left that job

May 18, 4:44PM EDT0

How many different writing projects do you normally work on at once?

May 17, 11:11PM EDT0

I usually work on about two or three projects depending on the kind of work required

May 18, 4:44PM EDT0

Do you write with a pen or on a computer?

May 17, 11:01PM EDT0

a computer

May 18, 4:44PM EDT0

Konnichi wa! How long did you stay in Japan for?

May 17, 8:13PM EDT0

I stayed for around 10 days, visiting three major cities

May 18, 4:45PM EDT1
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What kind of writing do you focus on?

May 17, 7:16PM EDT0

i do a lot of travel and beauty writing as well as editing

May 18, 4:45PM EDT1

What's your next #AMA? I'm signing up.

May 19, 11:42AM EDT0

How many trips do you like to take a year?

May 17, 6:25PM EDT0

I always take at least one major trip a year and a few local or short-haul trips every few months

May 18, 4:45PM EDT0