I`m the founder of mobile app for tourists and locals called BringMeGift! I help people travel cheaper! Is my StartUp interesting? AMA!

Victor Semeniaka (Gold)
Oct 18, 2017

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I` m founder of mobile app for tourists and locals BringMeGift!

Our team is multinational. We have guys from Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus

We try help people travel cheaper.  BUT!!!

 We have a huge competition: Booking.com,Airbnb,Uber,Couchsurfing,Tripadvizor and so on. Now locals and tourists pay a large commission fee of 10-30%. They contain a huge staff. Guarantees are not special. If you have not been given an apartment, all that will be done for you is return the money. But you will remain without an apartment. We believe that it is not worth paying for it. We create a regular bulletin board. Where everyone sells his services.

Victor Semeniaka says:

This AMA will end Dec 10, 2017 6AM EST

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