I`m the founder of mobile app for tourists and locals called BringMeGift! I help people travel cheaper! Is my StartUp interesting? AMA!

Victor Semeniaka
Oct 18, 2017

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Looking for backers

I` m founder of mobile app for tourists and locals BringMeGift!

Our team is multinational. We have guys from Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus

We try help people travel cheaper.  BUT!!!

 We have a huge competition: Booking.com,Airbnb,Uber,Couchsurfing,Tripadvizor and so on. Now locals and tourists pay a large commission fee of 10-30%. They contain a huge staff. Guarantees are not special. If you have not been given an apartment, all that will be done for you is return the money. But you will remain without an apartment. We believe that it is not worth paying for it. We create a regular bulletin board. Where everyone sells his services.

Victor Semeniaka says:

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Do you consider having a local partner to broaden your market?

Dec 8, 11:03PM EST0

How long did it take you to perfect your app?

Dec 3, 1:41AM EST0

Does the app work globally?

Nov 29, 1:02PM EST0

Where did Jon Snow want to travel to?

Nov 22, 11:02AM EST0

Where are you from?

Oct 30, 2:55PM EDT0

Belarus. Thanks for your question

Oct 31, 2:48AM EDT0

How old are you?

Oct 22, 3:06AM EDT0

30 Thanks for your question

Oct 31, 2:47AM EDT0

Do you travel often?

Oct 20, 8:43AM EDT0

Yes I do. I took small presents from my country and try to exchange them. In exchange I get double whisky, desert,transfer (25km), and many smiles))

Oct 20, 9:25AM EDT0

Do you charge a cheaper fee?

Oct 19, 2:29PM EDT0

We don  not take money for reservation. For this moment everything is for free. In future you will pay only for adding your service. (Advertising campaign of your service) Thank you for your question!

Oct 19, 2:34PM EDT0

How long have you been working on this?

Oct 19, 1:13PM EDT0

For6  month.Our release was 16 May 2017. Thanks for your question.

Oct 19, 1:24PM EDT0

Is the app currently available?

Oct 19, 10:47AM EDT0

Yes, for Apple. You can download from page BringMeGift.com Thanks for your question. 

Oct 19, 11:14AM EDT0

Do you plan to make your app cross-platform compatible?

Oct 18, 8:00PM EDT0

No. Ios and Andriod separatly.  Thanks for you question!

Oct 19, 4:48AM EDT0

How is your cancellation policy different than these big corporations?

Oct 18, 6:54AM EDT0

We do not participate in the transaction and do not climb into your business. You decide on what terms and for what money to offer services. You decide to book or refuse.

Oct 18, 8:18AM EDT0

Thanks for question!

Oct 18, 8:25AM EDT0

Where are you based out of?

Oct 18, 3:59AM EDT0

From Belarus. But our guys work in Austria and in the Czech Republic.

Oct 18, 8:19AM EDT0
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We have small team. Only 2 person - I and my companjon. We use the services of freelancers

Oct 18, 8:22AM EDT0
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Are you developing and writing this mobile app yourself or with a team?

Oct 17, 7:19PM EDT0

The application was written by freelancers.

Oct 18, 8:22AM EDT0
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What makes BringMeGift different from all the other booking sites?

Oct 17, 10:39AM EDT0

Please read my story. I'm talking about the moments that many people faced. If you are one of them, you will understand the difference. Thanks for question!

Oct 18, 8:24AM EDT0

What other marketing strategies have you used to get more exposure for your app?

Oct 17, 10:38AM EDT0

We participated in presentations of startups. We are planning further performances. We are trying to attract money from like-minded people. We write blogs and publish photos. We try everything that can help us. Thanks for your question!

Oct 18, 8:26AM EDT0

You are welcome.

Oct 18, 8:34AM EDT0

Have you created any other apps in the past?

Oct 16, 4:42PM EDT0

No. It`s my first project. But i`m working in it-company for 11 years. 

Oct 18, 8:27AM EDT0

Is this an Android app, or iOS app?

Oct 16, 9:14AM EDT0

App is avaliable on the appstore for this moment. We try get money from backers to build android version. 

Oct 18, 8:28AM EDT0

Thanks for your question!

Oct 18, 8:28AM EDT0

Let me tell you my story.

I`m from Belarus.  We have an average income of 300 per month $ We, like other people, love to travel. We need tosave so that we can go to rest. I, like everyone else, use different services for booking accommodation, cars, etc. I expect that I`ll find the services I need for prices that I can afford. But besides, I expect the guarantees. If I have booked and paid, I want to come to this apartment or get this car. Unfortunately, I saw closed doors, I could not get my accommodation. The rooms were not prepared and cleaned up, I did not have any towels or other accessories. It's good that I am without children. Imagine what a horror  when you come to the city after the road, and you do not have where to sleep. What to do? No service can guarantee you and confirm your reservation. This does not apply to hotels. I contacted the support service. I received money back. I received bonuses in future bookings.But, I stayed without housing. My problem was not solved. When booking accommodation, we all pay for intermediary services. Commissions from 10% to 30% include payment for services, maintenance of employees. But, do not give guarantees. Why? Because the service is not aimed at working with people! They works with your money. Work with money is fine for you, known as an example of banks. Most services are speculating - resells your services. At the same time, you do not have the opportunity to make a decision yourself. Booking is done without your knowledge.

Lack of warranties and big commissions - the main reason why we created the app!

Henry Ford has always supported the modernization of production and the development of industry. He skillfully built a job and received low prices, due to production volumes and competent leadership. Ask yourself: «Why, when today's information technology is developing at a great rate, the staff of companies engaged in booking services is increasing?». Working with money around the world really requires a huge staffing of employees. Commission fees, bonuses, refundable amounts upon canceling reservations are what increases the cost of the reservation. But why exactly do you need it? Ford said that if you can produce a car with 5 people, and not 10, -that's the right way. After all, in the end, the consumer pays for the work of 10 people. The reservation services expand the staff for advertising campaigns. But their entire work is not aimed at advertising your services, but on the work of search engines. (Google, Yahoo etc.) Why, in some countries, sued for a monopoly? The services have enough money to pay for reclaim in search engines. First of all you see them, and not a specific hotel or your apartment. They do not spend money on advertising your apartment, they advertise themselves.

Lido Anthony  (Lee Iacocca)  was a top marketer. He said that he needed to work with people, and not with the information he received, so he had no computer on the table.

In our service, we do not act as intermediaries between tourists and locals. You communicate and negotiate on your terms. We do not accept payments and do not book services. All this is expressed in cheaper prices for services. So we solve the problems of commission fees. Your money will be paid to you at the time. You do not have to wait for the service to transfer them to you. Delay of payment by the service is a reason, too large a state or a desire to make money on your money.

Our guarantees? Reviews are what really matters when looking for services. But, the technology is such that these reviews are the result of the same advertising campaigns. Cheating, buying reviews leads to the same appalling results, when on the picture one apartment, and in fact - quite different. You do not have the opportunity to communicate with the owner of the apartment. All that remains for you is to rely on the service. But is the service able to check every apartment, visit it personally? Conversation is what really works. We give you the opportunity to communicate with service providers. Ask any questions and get confirmation.

In addition to low prices, we are distinguished by the opportunity to see your target customer. How much money do you spend on advertising your services? When you pay for the targeted power supply, you are hoping to go out to your customer. In our application, everything is much easier. You just choose your city and see when the tourist comes and what he needs. You only have to offer it.

Developing a trend «Sharing Economy» when people compete with companies, when more mobile services come to the market-  is what we support and expand. You can place your services in the application If you have free time, or you want to earn some money. We do not limit you to housing. You can offer any services: a guide, a transfer, a car, excursions, delivery of things from abroad, and much more.

Combining different services in one, we not only save your time searching, but also give  the opportunity to expand couchsurfing. You can always agree on your terms. And this does not always have to be money. Offer your services in return, look for like-minded people. Traveling is possible and for free.

In the near future, which quickly goes to the fact that robots will work in production, a person will not need a job. What does this mean for a person, what remains for him to do? To travel, to develop spiritually, to devote more time to self-development. But how will he receive a salary, for what he will receive it? Advanced countries are trying to introduce benefits, assistance, etc.

Jack Ma predicts that a person will work only 16 hours a week and will be able to travel more, visiting up to 300 places a year. But at the same time, we are waiting for "Decade of Pain". Business will be going through a difficult time.

And Elon Musk, who works on many projects, including the creation of a world metro. What will the new technology, robot substitution bring? Of course, the release of time and perhaps money will no longer play such a significant role as now, when they serve only for the sale of themselves. Money for money.

All this tells us that we are on the right track. You can now organize your rest differently, without financial costs or minimize them. You are able to offer your work, your mutual help and get the services in return. Tell me, if someone brings you a bunch of wine from France, can you meet him in an airport? Or, if a person delivers the thing you need, would you treat him with supper?

From here our name BringMeGift - as a call to action. You will perfectly captivate that for somebody the best gift is a thing, for somebody money, but for somebody's attention and care. Not everything is decided for money. Or no, not so. Not everything should be solved for money! Remember how nice it is to receive gifts and what you are willing to do in return. Anything! Exchange gifts, your attention, pray for your care. Difficult choice with a gift - offer money. We do not limit your ability. Fantasize, think out, experiment. Our service is not just a bulletin board, it is an opportunity to show yourself, your abilities, savvy and organize travel, work, hobbies, business.

We are not afraid of competition. We do not see competition in the advanced services that just do, -deal with your money. This is not the place where a small business can develop, tourists can find really affordable services without any intermediaries.

We, like Ford, are aimed at most people. Therefore  we do not take a commission,and all services are cheaper. Who stay in 5 * hotels, he most likely will have a rest in them. But, the bulk of the people prefer an economical vacation. Not because they have less money, but because they distribute this money, placing priorities differently. We do not reduce the level of service. We make it cheaper! As a consequence - healthy competition, flexible prices, expansion of services, new workplaces.

All that we lack is the ability to compete in search engine placement. Large companies have money to buy advertising. We look forward to the domestic advertising. When users see the difference and benefits. Unfortunately, Internet technologies do not work in our favor. Hundreds of applications that go out in the day, ranking, does not allow us to become noticeable. We are looking for support among bloggers, media, those for whom our news is interesting and unique, who can share with the audience.

The service is now filled in manually, since we are not an accelerator of existing services, we do not redirect to other sites. We are a message boar,where you need to place your ads first to make the app work. We are waiting you in our app! Share our idea with friends! Thanks!

Last edited @ Oct 16, 4:42AM EDT.
Oct 16, 4:08AM EDT0

Great idea for an app! Do you have any ideas to expand it in the future, or are you simply going to leave it as is?

Oct 14, 9:54PM EDT0

Yes, we have certain ideas. But it is too early to talk about them.

Oct 16, 4:11AM EDT0

Thank you for the interesting questions. I will answer as soon as possible.

Oct 13, 2:15AM EDT0

What incentive will I have using this app? Who is this really for ?

Oct 13, 12:12AM EDT0

Please, check my answer! Thanks!

Oct 16, 4:10AM EDT0

Why did you choose the name "BringMeGift"?

Oct 12, 6:52PM EDT0

Please, check my answer! Thanks!

Oct 16, 4:10AM EDT0

Won't this negatively affect local hotels and car rental agencies?

Oct 12, 2:08PM EDT0

Please, check my answer! Thanks!

Oct 16, 4:10AM EDT0

Hello Victor! What makes BringMeGift different from all the other booking sites?

Oct 12, 1:51PM EDT0

Please, check my answer! Thanks!

Oct 16, 4:10AM EDT0

What design constraints did you have to work with while building the app? 

Do you have a feature roadmap for multiple releases?

Oct 12, 1:45PM EDT0

There are no special restrictions. Our plan did not work. We do not have money for good advertising campaigns. For this we are looking for an investor.

Oct 16, 4:37AM EDT0

How do you plan to be competitive with large corporations like AirBnB?

Oct 12, 12:30PM EDT0

Please, check my answer! Thanks!

Oct 16, 4:10AM EDT0
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