"I'm a local artisan from the Philippines; Ask Me Anything about creatively unique island souvenirs found in Bohol." -TwengstylePilipinas

Twengstyle Pilipinas
Dec 6, 2017

i will be guiding your concerns by giving informations/features about the ideas and on what i do, and what i have experienced; handicrafts out of recycled materials; beaded and handcrafted accessories; paintings; hand-painted souvenir shirts and tank tops; permanent tattooing & temporary skin art; decorative arts; best island spots for camping and adventures; music and entertainment; local food recipes and local dialects..

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Which interesting and unique local recipes do you recommend and why? 

Dec 6, 11:57AM EST0

Have you travelled to any parts of the country?

Dec 3, 12:14AM EST0

Can you create anything beautiful from a coconut shell?

Dec 1, 12:09PM EST0

How does the local government support artists like you?

Nov 26, 10:19PM EST0

Who are your favorite Filipino artists?

Nov 26, 5:01PM EST0

Do you have tarsier related souvenirs?

Nov 8, 6:32PM EST0

Do you do tattoos yourself?

Nov 8, 10:08AM EST0

What is your favorite music?

Nov 7, 3:22PM EST0

How much are flights roughl?

Oct 30, 2:07PM EDT0

Is that your only source of income?

Oct 30, 11:43AM EDT0

Whats the hottest month to visit?

Oct 29, 4:21AM EDT0

Do you think anyone can just quit their job, and do odd jobs?

Oct 29, 3:44AM EDT0

How did you learn how to make those?

Oct 28, 8:05PM EDT0

How long have you been making these?

Oct 28, 5:23PM EDT0

When is high and low season?

Oct 28, 4:01PM EDT0

What time zone are you in?

Oct 25, 8:32PM EDT0

Do you have any pictures to share with us?

Oct 23, 10:22AM EDT0

Can you suggest the best attractions to see whilst there?

Oct 22, 3:35PM EDT0

Do you use anything to make your gifts?

Oct 22, 4:00AM EDT0

What's the best time of year to visit?

Oct 21, 1:17PM EDT0

Do you also travel?

Oct 20, 1:46PM EDT0

Is it expensive to visit?

Oct 20, 8:03AM EDT0

How many visitors come every year on average?

Oct 19, 6:21PM EDT0

What are the biggest dangers for me if I visit?

Oct 19, 2:36PM EDT0

Do I need any injections (vaccinations) before I come?

Oct 19, 2:23PM EDT0

how do you get to know about this

Oct 16, 9:28AM EDT0

How do you move your product? Do you own your own store or are you in business with others or just by yourself?

Oct 5, 4:02AM EDT0

Do you have a blog, or Facebook where I can see your work?

Sep 30, 12:51AM EDT0

Does anyone help you create your handicrafts or do you work alone?

Sep 27, 12:53PM EDT0

What types of souvenirs do you make?

Sep 25, 8:59AM EDT0

What recycled materials do you use, and how do you re-purpose them?

Sep 16, 5:17AM EDT0

Would you consider yourself an artist/street performer?

Sep 15, 5:06AM EDT0

What is your favorite local food? What is the favorite tourist restaurant to visit?

Sep 15, 3:25AM EDT0

What months of the year are the busiest with tourists visiting Bohol?

Sep 15, 1:45AM EDT0

What is the most popular item you create out of recycled material?

Sep 15, 12:04AM EDT0

Looks like you live in a paradise, are you happy doing what you do?

Sep 14, 10:23PM EDT0

Where do you get your materials?

Sep 14, 12:19AM EDT0

Do your souveiners fit in a handbag? Do you bundle it to make it tamper proof?

Sep 12, 10:25AM EDT0

What kind of souveiners do you make?

Sep 10, 11:27AM EDT0

Do you work as a tour guide in Bohol?

Sep 9, 2:08PM EDT0
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