I traveled to Asia and became best friends with an Australian prostitute. Somehow, I saw a Thai Ping Pong show with her entire family (where her dad had to get naked). I can't make this stuff up. Ask me anything.

Olivia Poglianich
Jun 19, 2017

After I finished college I traveled with a group tour to Vietnam. On the tour I discovered my roommate was a prostitute who lives in Australia. Despite this crazy discovery, we became close friends and traveled onward to Thailand together on a whim. Once we got to the beach in Thailand, I wound up on her family vacation. With her family, we saw a ping pong show and here's a spoiler alert: there is no actual ping pong involved.

I am also happy to share more photos of Vietnam or Thailand. You're not allowed to take any at the ping pong shows, and I don't want to share any of my friend to protect her identity, but anything else I am happy to show, too :)

Ask me anything!

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