I love camping. I've camped in the Idaho mountains, Utah Mountains, New Hampshire "mountains", and Texas beaches. I've also have experience with camping with my kids. Ask Me Anything.

Jul 17, 2017

Ask me anything about what to prepare for when camping on the beach vs. the mountains and the best food to bring if you're looking for easy cooking or are willing to carry more and do some yummy cooking that takes more work. Plus, if you have kids; the best ways to camp with them. Or if you're a young teen, the best way to camp and stay safe.

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How do you decide where you want to go?

Jul 17, 2:17AM EDT0

I try to "love where I live" and see if there are great places nearby that I need to explore, or I ask people that live by me where great places are. Otherwise, I just have a running list in my head of places I want to see!

Jul 17, 10:48AM EDT0

What place is the first one?

Jul 17, 3:44PM EDT0

What do you like least about getting ready for a trip?

Jul 15, 3:05AM EDT0

I love getting ready for a trip, I hate the clean up afterwards. I have tupaware full of camping gear (cooking, plates, utinsils, matches....everything I need) always ready to load. Its cleaning it up for next time after I am tired from a trip that is no fun.

Jul 17, 10:50AM EDT0

I understand you so much! I hate this thing too

Jul 17, 3:56PM EDT0

Do you collect anything from nature while you are out there?

Jul 15, 1:03AM EDT0

My kids will always have rocks to bring home. I try to find flat rocks shaped in a heart and put everyone's names who were there with the date on it.

Jul 17, 10:51AM EDT0

What is the best place that you have taken your kids?

Jul 14, 9:29PM EDT0

One of my favorite places was camping on the beach at South Padre Island in Texas. It was $5 a night and we took baths in the ocean in the morning. We dug a hole in the sand and cooked our meals. THe moon was huge coming over the ocean and the stars amaizing!

Jul 17, 10:53AM EDT0

Do you kids like traveling with you?

Jul 17, 4:17PM EDT0

Do you keep records or a journal during your trips?

Jul 13, 3:00PM EDT0

If pictures count as a journal, then yes. I actually haven't kept a written journal for a long time. I think Instagram has ruined that habbit for me.

Jul 17, 10:53AM EDT0

But you can make some notes in Instagram, isn't it?

Jul 17, 4:48PM EDT0

How does camping affect your outlook after you return home?

Jul 13, 11:06AM EDT0

I think it helps me like what I have and not expect more. Less is better. Less TV, less clothes, less toys. I think it helps my kids be more creative and make fun out of what is outside.

Jul 17, 10:55AM EDT0

Have you forged any friendships during your trips?

Jul 11, 12:20AM EDT0

Not usually as an adult, but my kids always make friends with other people's kids while we camp.

Jul 17, 10:56AM EDT0

What surprised you the most about Utah?

Jul 10, 3:39AM EDT0

How beautiful it is!! It is a dessert, but such a beautiful and diverse one!

Jul 17, 10:56AM EDT0

I can imagine. I plan to go there next month. Any advice?

Jul 17, 4:20PM EDT0

How has your approach to camping changed since you started?

Jul 9, 4:51PM EDT0

Yes, I tried to be more organized now. I keep all camping gear, cooking and otherwise, in a couple large tupaware tubs, that I can grab and go. I only need to buy food. Best and easiest food while camping is......ramin noodles!

Jul 17, 10:58AM EDT0

Mm, noodles, do love them. 

Jul 17, 4:31PM EDT0

Are there any fears you have overcome as a result of your travels?

Jul 9, 12:24PM EDT0

I do worry about bears eating us through the tent. THat happened to a boy in Utah several years ago. I make sure we do not have any food in the tent or near the tent at night.

Jul 17, 10:59AM EDT0

Are there protective measures against bears?

Jul 17, 5:04PM EDT0

Is there any place you plan on re-visiting because you loved it so much?

Jul 8, 7:42PM EDT0

New Hampshire. That place is magical. The White Mountains there are full of green luch wonders.

Jul 17, 11:00AM EDT0

How do you make time for camping? Do you take shorter or longer trips?

Jul 8, 1:49PM EDT0

We try to take off on the weekends and do a couple nights, even just one night if it means getting out.

Jul 17, 11:00AM EDT0

Why do you prefer camping?

Jul 17, 5:15PM EDT0

How did you discover your love for camping?

Jul 8, 10:24AM EDT0

My parents always camped with me as a kid. Made me like it so much that I am willing to deal with what others may find a hassle (camping with kids for example).

Jul 17, 11:01AM EDT0

What provisions do you take with you on a camping trip?

Jul 8, 9:57AM EDT0

tent, sleeping bags, toilet paper, minimal amount of clothes, but enough socks for every day, swim suit, camp stove, food, and water and water bottles.

Jul 17, 11:02AM EDT0

Do you fly to these different places or drive?

Jul 8, 8:35AM EDT0

Camping for me is what I love to do because I don't have enough money to fly somewhere cool. I try to explore where I currently live.

Jul 17, 11:03AM EDT0

Fish you new adventures besides out of your country.

Jul 17, 4:26PM EDT0

Are there any skillsets that you've improved by virtue of your trips?

Jul 8, 6:18AM EDT0

Lighting a fire! I get better every time. Also peeing outdoors takes skill when youre a girl. I am good at that too.

Jul 17, 11:04AM EDT0

Was New Hampshire not very mountainous? I've heard it's gorgeous there.

Jul 8, 12:24AM EDT0

What Eastern people call mountains are hills to the west, but they are BEAUTIFUL!! 

Jul 17, 11:05AM EDT0

Which state that you've visited has the most welcoming locals?

Jul 7, 10:17PM EDT0

Its a toss up between Texas and Utah. Well, Idaho is really friendly too.

Jul 17, 11:05AM EDT0

Do you take any technology with you or do you 'rough it'?

Jul 7, 6:50PM EDT0

Only my phone to charge in the car, but never anything else.

Jul 17, 11:06AM EDT0

What about camera? 

Jul 17, 5:17PM EDT0

Do you prefer camping in cold weather or warm?

Jul 7, 3:53PM EDT0

Warm! But I also prefer it to be cooler at night. Utah is perfect for that, but Texas is not-too too hot.

Jul 17, 11:23AM EDT0

Do you cook over an open fire? What do you usually eat?

Jul 7, 2:56PM EDT0

I prefer to cook over an open campfire, but sometimes that takes too long or it is raining, so I always bring a propain stove too.

Jul 17, 11:24AM EDT0

What meals do you cook?

Jul 17, 5:18PM EDT0

Do you have any tips for other people who also like camping?

Jul 7, 2:49PM EDT0

Always have a tupaware ready with all your camp gear full and ready. And cleaned out from your last trip. I try to by dry goods food items and keep them in there and ready too.

Jul 17, 11:26AM EDT0

What comforts of home do you miss while you're in the wild?

Jul 7, 3:18AM EDT0

I never do really. Of course my bed is better at home, but I love camping so much, I don't care.

Jul 17, 11:27AM EDT0

As for me, I like comfort very much, that's why I've never tried camping

Jul 17, 5:40PM EDT0

Are there any places you avoid specifically?

Jul 7, 2:55AM EDT0

I've never thought of avoiding a place. I just prep for what animals I need to beware of......second thought. The wolves in Wyoming and Montana may make me not want to camp there.

Jul 17, 11:29AM EDT0

What do you like best about spending time in nature?

Jul 7, 12:44AM EDT0

The smell of the fresh air mixed with the pine trees.

Jul 17, 11:29AM EDT0

Which single location would you recommend over any others?

Jul 6, 6:27PM EDT0

Easy camping that is equally beautiful and safe.....New Hampshire White clounds.

Jul 17, 11:31AM EDT0

Is Idaho as spacious as everyone says it is?

Jul 6, 5:51PM EDT0

hahaha, I didn't know people said that, but yes, it is.

Jul 17, 11:31AM EDT0

What's the longest you've ever stayed in one place?

Jul 6, 3:34PM EDT0

One week in the Sawtooths of Idaho.

Jul 17, 11:32AM EDT0

What's the first thing you do when you reach a new spot?

Jul 6, 3:05PM EDT0

I set up my tent. Never want to do that when I am tired and its dark.

Jul 17, 11:32AM EDT0

What's the first thing after back home?

Jul 17, 4:32PM EDT0

What's the scariest thing that has happened on your trips?

Jul 6, 9:42AM EDT0

On the beach in Texas at night the waves are so loud it sounds like they are going to crash into the tent. THey didn't but I wasn't used to the sound.   My brother on the other hand, had to spray a brown bear with mace to get it to go away from the camp site in the White Cloud Mountains in Idaho.

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Jul 17, 11:35AM EDT0

What do you find most rewarding about your camping trips?

Jul 6, 7:13AM EDT0

The stars. I love how you can see so many if you get a place far enough away from the city lights.

Jul 17, 11:36AM EDT0

What do you do for fun once you've reached your campsite?

Jul 6, 4:34AM EDT0

Hike, explore, swim if there is water, read in a hammock.

Jul 17, 11:37AM EDT0

How do beaches in Texas differ from those elsewhere?

Jul 5, 10:27PM EDT0

The water is super warm! They are not as blue though. My daughter says they are "just like a hot tub except for sharks and undertoes"- we didn't see any sharks though.

Jul 17, 11:38AM EDT0

What have your kids not liked about your trips?

Jul 5, 10:20PM EDT0

I have never heard them complain when we camp. They love it (because I think I do so much, they get the vibe). My daughter even threw up on e night and continued to have a great time!

Jul 17, 11:39AM EDT0

Are there any locations you really want to go to but haven't yet?

Jul 5, 4:33PM EDT0

I really want to go to Mesa Verde (in the four corners area), and the grand canyon, lake Powell, my list is quite long actually. I have many many places I want to see.

Jul 17, 11:40AM EDT0

What do your kids like best about camping?

Jul 5, 1:50PM EDT0

I think the ability to go off and explore. THey love building shelters and carving /widdling. WE gave them pocket knives....but we supervise.

Jul 17, 11:41AM EDT0