I got up one day and realized I just couldn't fit in my shoes anymore. I packed up most of my stuff and moved abroad to start a new life from Zero. Ask me how, ask me why, ask me ANYTHING.

Sara Fracassetti
May 19, 2017

Share your stories and tips, get the push you need!

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Would you recommend this for someone who is not adventurous?

May 25, 5:57PM EDT0

What was the best thing that happened to you once you decided to do this?

May 21, 7:02AM EDT0

The best thing is to feel that mixture of excitement and fear of the unknown. That gives you the final push 😊

May 24, 2:56AM EDT0

What was the hardest part of all?

May 19, 3:30PM EDT0

Leaving sad faces at the airport 

May 19, 7:08PM EDT0

Is it hard to move to a new country?

May 18, 8:18PM EDT0

It depends... if you are happy to adapt it won't be

May 19, 7:07PM EDT0

How do you feel now, would you do it all over again?

May 18, 6:47PM EDT0


May 19, 7:07PM EDT0

would you do it?

May 20, 10:16AM EDT0

Were you living at home before you moved?

May 18, 12:57PM EDT0

Yes with my parents

May 19, 7:07PM EDT0

How did you choose to go there and not someplace else?

May 18, 12:50PM EDT0

It was fate

May 19, 7:07PM EDT0

What or who was your inspiration?

May 18, 8:01AM EDT0

I had always dreamt to travel since I was little

May 19, 7:06PM EDT0

Wondering, Have you made new friends in your new country?

May 18, 7:35AM EDT0

I have made plenty of friends that are from many parts of the world 

May 19, 7:06PM EDT0

Are you quick to make decisions in your life? Thanks!

May 17, 11:51PM EDT0

I am

May 19, 7:05PM EDT0

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow your steps and move to a new country?

May 17, 11:06PM EDT0

Plan a few things and do not think too much

May 19, 7:05PM EDT0

Are you still living abroad?

May 17, 6:06AM EDT0

No but only about 2 hours away from home

Last edited @ May 20, 9:33AM EDT.
May 18, 6:28PM EDT0

Do you have any pictures?

May 17, 4:50AM EDT0

I have a few but I rather have it printed in my memory

May 18, 6:27PM EDT1
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How far away from home were you?

May 17, 3:30AM EDT0

The furthest I have been was a 24 hours trip

May 18, 6:27PM EDT0

Where are you now in your life?

May 17, 3:25AM EDT0

I moved to a bigger town in Italy.

May 18, 6:26PM EDT0

What do you listen to?

May 17, 3:20AM EDT0

I like music that was written before I was born. 70s and 80s as first

May 18, 6:26PM EDT0

How many languages do you speak?

May 16, 11:14PM EDT0


May 18, 6:25PM EDT0
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Why move abroad and not travel the world?

May 16, 9:03PM EDT1

Well you gotta get your funds somehow. Why not working your way around the world? That's what I did

May 18, 6:25PM EDT1

Great answer and mor esustainable for sure. Thanks.

May 19, 12:04PM EDT0

What have you learned from moving away?

May 16, 7:37PM EDT0

I have learnt to live

May 18, 6:24PM EDT0

How difficult was it to make a living after the move?

May 16, 5:17PM EDT0

I sometime had to do some jobs that I didn't enjoy for poor money but it made me a stronger person 

May 18, 6:24PM EDT1
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How was the local culture different than yours?

May 16, 2:57PM EDT0

Culture wise it was pretty similar. I had to adapt to new languages and different food which is always hard for Italians ☺

May 18, 6:23PM EDT0

Were your parents supporting of your decision? Did they help you financially?

May 16, 1:52PM EDT1

They have always been on my side but I knew deep in my heart that it is not easy when your daughter is leaving home. They were there for me if I needed but I always try not to

Last edited @ May 19, 7:08PM EDT.
May 18, 6:21PM EDT1

That is what parents ae for.

May 19, 12:11PM EDT1

Are you a digital nomad?

May 16, 1:50PM EDT0

I rather move phisically than "virtually"

May 18, 6:20PM EDT0

Have you done much traveling before?

May 16, 11:21AM EDT0

A bit but never alone

May 18, 6:20PM EDT1

Did you know anyone where you went to?

May 16, 10:57AM EDT0

No I didn't but I met people I knew later on...It's a small world after all

May 18, 6:20PM EDT0

Was it worth it?

May 16, 9:27AM EDT1


May 18, 6:19PM EDT1

Do you think its possible for someone to be a nomad all their life? ;)

May 16, 8:11AM EDT1

Why not... you are never too old to look for a new adventure

May 18, 6:19PM EDT1

That is true!!

May 19, 2:27PM EDT1

How did travelling change you?

May 16, 7:51AM EDT1

It opened my mind to many prospectives and made my realize what I had done wrong in the past

May 18, 6:18PM EDT1
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Can traveling help depression, or worse, contribute to it?

May 16, 7:32AM EDT0

If travelling alone, you can be a whole new you from the start without prejudice

May 18, 6:17PM EDT0

How did you manage all that financially?

May 16, 7:27AM EDT0

At first I had a job that included accommodation and food in the package, til I had enough funds to look around 

May 18, 5:03PM EDT0

Were you ever thinking this was really a bad decision?

May 16, 4:21AM EDT0

No way..never

Last edited @ May 18, 5:02PM EDT.
May 18, 5:02PM EDT0

You landed in a new country, walk us through it? TY

May 16, 2:25AM EDT1

You look around and you are scared of the unknown. You are alone. Take a deep breath.

May 18, 5:01PM EDT1
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Question.. did you have to sell everything before the move?

May 16, 1:45AM EDT0

No as I was still at my parents but had to throw a lot when I got back to visit

May 18, 5:00PM EDT0
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How long did it take you to plan? tia

May 16, 1:32AM EDT0

Not much. I actually just applied for a job that would have sent me to some holiday resort but didn't even know which one and where til like a week before

May 18, 5:00PM EDT0

Did you need to arrange a visa/immigration papers before the move?

May 16, 12:08AM EDT1

Not the first time because I went to another european country. I have moved to other places though and I have had to arrange visas

May 18, 4:59PM EDT1

Lucky you, great story.

May 19, 12:05PM EDT1

What do you do for fun?

May 15, 11:21PM EDT0

I knit

May 18, 4:58PM EDT0
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Were you running away from something? I hope not.

May 15, 10:10PM EDT0

I was running away from a future that I could see but not fit to myself.

May 18, 4:58PM EDT0

What do you do for a living that allowed you to do that?

May 15, 8:44PM EDT0

I adapt. At the end of the day even the best job in the world can get boring after 30 years right?

May 18, 4:56PM EDT0

Where did that travel bug from ;)

May 15, 7:48PM EDT1

Am not sure... just innate

May 18, 4:55PM EDT1
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Were you feeling unhappy? How do you feel now? thanks in advance

May 15, 6:37PM EDT1

I am super happy with what I have achieved by doing that. I am much happier and a better person and even the relationships that were broken when I left have now have fixed up 

May 18, 4:55PM EDT1
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Have u encountered any scums along the way?

May 15, 6:18PM EDT0

Oh yes. There's one around every corner.

May 18, 4:53PM EDT0

What was your friends and family reaction? Thanks in advance

May 15, 5:07PM EDT0

They were pretty shocked at first and I think some might felt guilty for being unable to give me a haopy life there

May 18, 4:53PM EDT0

I take it you were not in a relationship, no kids?

May 15, 4:35PM EDT1

No no I was only 18 and just left high school 😊

May 18, 4:52PM EDT1


May 19, 12:10PM EDT1

Where did you move to?

May 15, 3:22PM EDT0

I moved to Greece

May 18, 4:52PM EDT0

Who is the most interesting person you've met in your travels?  

May 15, 2:13PM EDT0

I met a guy that had incredible unlucky moments in his life and was stuck on an island in the ocean with no passport to move anywhere else

May 18, 4:52PM EDT0

How much did it cost you to move abroad?

May 15, 12:28PM EDT0

I found a job from home that allowed me to do the first steps organizing the flight and accommodation for me and worked my way from there. It costs more in energy than in dough...

May 18, 4:50PM EDT0

What did you learn in the process?

May 15, 11:37AM EDT0

I could probabily write a book on this...☺ well most important thing is I have learnt to appreciate the little things to be happy

May 18, 4:32PM EDT0

Maybe we're in the same place and the question is, should I stay or should I go?

May 15, 9:08AM EDT0

Just go. Do it! ☺

May 18, 4:27PM EDT0

I met a girl who did just that, travelled a year+ around the world after selling it all. Any regrets?

May 15, 9:03AM EDT0

The only regret I have is missing a lot of successes in my friends and families life

May 18, 4:27PM EDT0

Did you like or hate your life before moving? How about now?

May 15, 7:49AM EDT0

Well, I didn't like it much as my life was dull. It is way better now

May 18, 4:24PM EDT0

What do you do for a living?

May 15, 7:33AM EDT0

I usually fit to what I find and enjoy doing pretty much everything from farm work to sitting in an office 8 hours

May 18, 4:23PM EDT0

Does your credit carry over when you move to a new place, new country?

May 15, 6:21AM EDT0

What do you mean?

May 18, 4:23PM EDT0

Have you found a new love on your travels?

May 15, 6:11AM EDT0

I found my love when I moved to Spain. He was from not too far from home and we travelled together since then. We just moved back to his hometown to start building our life together.

May 18, 4:22PM EDT1