I am tour & travel consultant and a travel blogger. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 17, 2017

I am tour & travel consultant working for Leading Santa Cruz vacation home rentals agency.  If you need any information regarding different travel  packages, deals you can ask me in comments. 


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What are the benefits of using a travel consultant?

Jul 17, 1:59AM EDT0

Here are some beenfits of using travel consultants?

- Time and Money Savings

- Travel Assistance

- Travel Recommendations

Perks: Travel agents who book a high volume of trips often have access to perks that you might not be able to get on your own. Whether it's a room upgrade, a fee waiver or even reservations at a hot resort or on a popular tour, travel agents often add perks into your vacation plan. If you are planning a trip for a special occasion, such as a marriage proposal, a travel agent has access to the resources and people who can help you plan the perfect event.

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Jul 17, 7:46AM EDT0

What do you suggest for a general first blog post?

Jul 17, 1:01AM EDT0

Indroducing Yourself 

Jul 17, 7:47AM EDT0

Do you do this for a living or a hobby?

Jul 17, 12:49AM EDT0


Jul 17, 7:47AM EDT0

What are the most common mistakes new bloggers make?

Jul 17, 12:47AM EDT0

They Fouces On 'MONEY' First. 

Jul 17, 7:48AM EDT0

How much time do you spend traveling per year?

Jul 17, 12:40AM EDT0

5-10 Weeks 

Jul 17, 7:48AM EDT0

What are some of the must see areas of the Yucatan?

Jul 16, 11:52PM EDT0

If you could suggest a single "must see" destination, what would it be?

Jul 16, 11:20PM EDT0

Mount Everest: Mount Everest, also known in Nepal as Sagarmāthā and in Tibetic languages China as Chomolungma, is Earth's highest mountain. Its peak is 8,848 metres above sea level. 

Jul 17, 8:18AM EDT0

How do you market your blog?

Jul 16, 11:17PM EDT0

9 Steps To Market A Blog:

1. Make Your Site Easy to Use

2. Speed Up Your Site

3. Create Crave-Worthy Content

4. Build Engagement

5. Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

6. Build Your Subscribers

7. Get Social Media Savvy

8. Get Networking

9. Submit Your Work to Content Curation Sites

Jul 17, 8:20AM EDT0

How do you get loyal, repeat viewers to your blog?

Jul 16, 10:55PM EDT0

How long should a good blog post be?

Jul 16, 10:49PM EDT0

What are the best programs to use for blogging?

Jul 16, 10:47PM EDT0

Do you take your own photos, or hire someone?

Jul 16, 10:36PM EDT0

Can a new blogger start making money with a blog right away?

Jul 16, 10:33PM EDT0

It takes some time for new blog/blogger to make money. Actually, the process in simple ( Input=Output )

Jul 17, 8:23AM EDT0

Do you base your blog on the opinions and observations of customers, or your own?

Jul 16, 10:14PM EDT0

Is there a new topic to blog about that is not common?

Jul 16, 9:58PM EDT0

How often do you update your blog?

Jul 16, 9:37PM EDT0

Where was your favorite place to travel to?

Jul 16, 9:16PM EDT0

I plan my own travel, and I just visited the Holbox Mexico beach with bio-luminescent phytoplankton for far less than if I went with a travel consultant...Why should I use one?

Jul 16, 9:16PM EDT0

Do you have any advice for a new blogger just starting out?

Jul 16, 9:09PM EDT0

Is that like a travel agent?

Jul 16, 9:09PM EDT0

What inspired you to start blogging?

Jul 16, 9:02PM EDT0
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