AMA - Welcome to Incredible India. Athithi Devo Bhavo - Guests are God.

Collin Penn
Nov 13, 2017

AMA about Incredible India, Anyone traveling to India, i would guide to plan the entire trip, anytime and anywhere. Give a tourist guidance travel, stay, fooding and expenses - any information and every detail information. AMA on tourist spots - beaches across Incredible India, Temples and Religious monuments across Incredible India, Adventure sports across Incredible India, Historical monuments across Incredible India.

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Do you have a website?

Nov 17, 9:54AM EST0

Which city is the most interesting in India ? 

Nov 13, 2:50AM EST0

What is your favorite city?

Nov 12, 7:22AM EST0

What are the biggest dangers for me if I visit?

Nov 12, 12:56AM EST0

Are you Indian?

Nov 11, 3:33PM EST0

How do you avoid handing your passport over to a hotel or car/scooter rental?

Nov 11, 10:12AM EST0

What would you recommend if you’re doing a two-month backpacking trip through Asia?

Nov 10, 12:04PM EST0

Whats the hottest month to visit?

Nov 10, 11:31AM EST0

What's the best time of year to visit?

Nov 10, 11:13AM EST0

When is high and low season?

Nov 10, 5:45AM EST0

What’s on your must-do list?

Nov 10, 5:30AM EST0

What are the options for working abroad besides teaching?

Nov 10, 5:08AM EST0

Can someone with occasionally limited mobility to visit India?

Nov 10, 2:57AM EST0

where is the historical place of India located?

Nov 10, 12:56AM EST0

What is your favorite thing about India?

Nov 9, 9:54PM EST0

How do you get around staying in a country longer than a tourist visa allows?

Nov 9, 7:43PM EST0

How can you learn about a culture and meet locals without speaking their language?

Nov 9, 4:25PM EST0

What are your personal experiences (and/or other long-term travelers’) with malaria pills and other vaccinations?

Nov 9, 1:28PM EST0

Do I need any injections (vaccinations) before I come?

Nov 9, 11:33AM EST0

How many visitors come every year on average?

Nov 9, 11:19AM EST0

Do you have any pictures to share with us?

Nov 9, 10:34AM EST0

What’s the most overrated city?

Nov 9, 10:29AM EST0

Is it expensive to visit?

Nov 9, 9:48AM EST0

How do you calculate the money you can spend daily during your trip?

Nov 9, 9:25AM EST0
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