AMA. We are 2 Aussie brothers who travel the world.

Dec 4, 2017

Hi my name is Nik and i am hosting an  #AMA about travel and our Travel Vlogs (Dimmy Adventures), My brother (Norman) and i started this youtube account because we travelled a lot and never used to take many pictures or videos to remember our trips in the future, so we decided to do vlogs to keep a history of our travels and also share with you our experiences. If you want to find out more you can check out this video regarding our start up (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz5aYqGUdjY&t) .

For us travelling is more than just a destination its a learning experience where you take in the culture and the unkown.

Our goal is to reach all 7 continents, we are currently on 5. The last 2 are Africa and Antartica.

We would love to answer any questions you may have for us as well as any feedback you may have regarding our vlogs.

Our next trip will be this December, where we travel to the United States of America.2018 will be another big year as we will be travelling to our second FIFA World Cup in Russia.

You can view our vlogs on   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNmueuY_0gOi7CK1Se_2NHw/

We also have an instagram account https://www.instagram.com/dimmy_adventures/

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Have you been to Asia?

Dec 8, 8:31PM EST0

Why you decided to travel the world?

Dec 7, 10:22AM EST0

How do you fund your travels?

Dec 7, 8:36AM EST0

Do you ever take other people with to travel?

Dec 5, 2:43AM EST1

Yes, we go with close friends and family. Though majority of the time we go by ourselves

Dec 5, 5:30AM EST0

Hello! I love your philosophy when it comes to traveling. I'll head over to your channels soon and check out your journeys. For now, have you ever traveled separately? Or do you always travel together? Being brothers, what's the best thing about traveling with each other? I wouldn't know since I'm an only child.

Dec 5, 1:01AM EST1

Thanks mate. Hope you enjoy our videos. We have travelled seperately before but it is not something we do mostly, we usually travel together. I guess the best thing would be that we always have each others back and since we are very close it is like traveling with a friend.

Dec 5, 2:15AM EST0

That's great to hear, mate. Thanks and happy travels!

Dec 5, 3:26AM EST1

What's your dream job? I would guess it has to be travel related!

Dec 4, 11:50PM EST1

Hi thanks for the question. I am studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering at university, getting a job overseas would be great as there is many opportunities in Asia currently. Norman is studying a bacherlors of Exercise Science where he will major in Exercise Physiology and aims to obtain a job with a proffesional sporting club.

Dec 5, 12:26AM EST0

How do you get around staying in a country longer than the Visa they give you?

Dec 4, 11:29PM EST1

Hi Samantha thanks for the question. We always make sure we know beforehand how long the visa permits us to be in the country. We will never overstay a visa, as we don't want to be penalised for future travel. Thus the importance of planning correctly before booking flights etc. 

Dec 5, 12:20AM EST0

What do you do to stay healthy on your travels?

Dec 4, 11:17PM EST1

Hi Eric, thanks for the question. When we can, we book hotels with health and fitness facilities and usually try to get an early morning or late at night work out. How ever when a gym is not available at our hotel, we aim to go about our daily activities on foot to increase our daily energy expenditure. Since Norman is studying a bachelors of Exercise Science at university he is always on top of making sure we are on the move eating a wide variety of nutrional foods. 

Dec 5, 12:18AM EST0

Were you ever involved in a huminatarian efforts on your travels? If so, care to tell more? Thanks in advance.

Dec 4, 11:11PM EST1

Hi Denise thanks for the question. We haven't been on one yet. We are looking at doing so in the future. In saying that we are always happy to help out the locals. We have provided our fish that we caught in Fiji to the locals for christmas festivities. Our father has been apart of a team investigating plastic waste and their impacts on human and animals in and around the ocean on Lorde Howe Islands which was broadcasted on ABC.

Dec 5, 12:14AM EST0

Would you consider yourselves more into land or sea? I ask because I'm a sea lover, and anywhere away from the sea and I feel really out of place. I tried differnt types of travel, it's never the same. Same for cold or hot places. Tropical and I feel at home, cold and I feel like going home!

Dec 4, 10:43PM EST1

Thanks for the question, we like to explore both the land and by the sea. We enjoy the cold and hot weather. Although we prefer to be on the move rather than relaxing at the beach.

Dec 5, 12:08AM EST0

How fulfilling is it when you go to places?

Dec 4, 1:39PM EST1

Hi Ayanna, thanks for your question. When travelling to different destinations we have a feeling of accomplishment, that we finally made it here. Some places we have always dreamed of going and when you finally get there it is an amazing feeling. 

Dec 4, 7:15PM EST0

Can you tell what is the best place in the Aussie?

Dec 4, 1:29PM EST1

Hi Faye, thanks for the questions. It really depends on what you like to do. Australia is a very large country, where all major cities are unique to their own. 

Sydney - Sydney is famous for the Sydney Operah House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as several surf beaches. 

Melbourne - Melbourne is famous for its multicultural diverse city, named most liveable city for 7 years in a row. If you love food Melbourne is the place to be with many different cultural restaurants within the CBD.  It is the sporting capital of Australia hosting many events on the world stage (F1 grand prix, Australian open, AFL grand final, Boxing day test etc).  Melbourne is located on Port Phillip Bay which includes many beaches.

Brisbane - Brisbane is a short drive to the Gold Coast where you have many surf beaches and theme parks. The Great Barrier reef is one thing you dont want to miss.

Adelaide - The city of churches, Adelaide has a church on basically every street.  The state of South Australia is well known for its wine, so if you love your wine it is the place to be. 

Perth - Perth is a city located on the western coast of Australia with beautiful beachs. Although it is 3-4 days drive from the nearest city it is still a nice place to visit. 

Darwin - Darwin is on the north coast of Australia with many nice beaches. A short trip down to Alice Springs is a must so you can see Uluru, the largest rock in the world. 

Canberra - The capital city. Although originally the capital was Melbourne until Sydney complained so they made a city in the middle of nowhere to keep them happy, this is how the Melbourne - Sydney rivalry started.  The city has many musuems and parliament house. 

All cities have alot to offer, though you need alot of time to get a feel for the country. We grew up here in Melbourne and love it here, there is a reason why its ranked #1 most liveable city in the world for 7 years in a row.

Dec 4, 7:12PM EST0

What can you benefit from traveling to other countries?

Dec 4, 6:52AM EST1

Hi Jacob, thanks for the question. We would say the benifits of traveling would be learning other cultures and experiencing it first hand. Being able to improve people skills when it comes to communicating with people who speak other languages helps not only while on travels  but also in every day life back home.  

Dec 4, 6:49PM EST0

What is the most expensive place you traveled so far?

Dec 4, 6:37AM EST1

Thank you for the question mate. I am not sure if you mean expensive in travel cost getting there or expensive as in everything was expensive at the destination. 

If we talk about the cost traveling somewhere we would have to say getting to europe is always the most expensive as it is the futherest from Australia.

If we talk about the destination we believe Dubai would have to be expensive. Though in saying that if you tend to buy where the tourists buy items it is always expensive, we try to buy where the locals buy to save money and  to experience the local culture.

Dec 4, 6:45AM EST0

Which is better, by the beach? or inside the bar?

Dec 4, 6:00AM EST1

Thanks for the questions Ivy. Maybe inside a bar by the beach? haha.  Maybe relaxing by the beach, it is always amazing when we are in our mums home town in the Philippines and wake up with the beach in our view and a nice early swim in the morning.  

Dec 4, 6:39AM EST0

When you travel, what is more, important to you, the sight or the food?

Dec 4, 1:47AM EST1

Thanks for your question. I guess it really depends on the destination. Though for us, to really experience the culture and destination we would have to say that both would be important. In saying that, good food is always great and even better when its something you have not tried before

Dec 4, 2:04AM EST0

Do you always have expectations when you go to places?

Dec 4, 1:11AM EST1

Thanks for your question Heenal. Before going on our adventures we usually research and watch many things about the destination. Some places live up to expectation if not exceed them. Though we have been to a few places in which they did not live upto expectations, though this could be because the destination did not suit us or the timing was wrong. But for the most part, we usually have a great time. 

One destination that comes to mind would be Macau. It is said to be the Las Vegas of Asia. Once we had arrived there, the city looked empty and did not have that Vegas feel to it. The locals were not very welcoming and many closed early considiring it was a friday night, So we decided to leave early (2am) and head back to Hong Kong. 

In saying that we have expectations we also make sure we travel with an open mind that way we enjoy the little things as well as the big things.

Dec 4, 2:01AM EST0

What is the most important thing when you travel?

Dec 4, 12:14AM EST1

Thanks for your question, for us the most important thing would have to be experiencing the culture by trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone.  

Dec 4, 1:52AM EST0

During your travels, have you met most popular rockstar or NBA Player, or anyone popular?

Dec 3, 10:47PM EST1

Thank-you for your question. We have run into one of Australias largest clubs in AFL whilst they were doing high altitude training at the Grand Canyon. The team was Collingwood Magpies, with Captain Nathan Buckley. 

We were on the flight back to Melbourne from Sydney with Australian football (soccer) coach Ange Postecoglou and Australian midfielder Mark Milligan, who were both very kind in having chat after the flight.

Though not on travels, i played on the same team with Dante Exum current Utah Jazz player.  Norman had personal basketball training by former NBL player Damon Lowery and trained along side Ben Simmons (current NBA player with the 76ers) during some sessions.

Dec 4, 1:47AM EST0

Did you happen to travel in a place where you attended a festivity? How was the experience?

Dec 3, 8:18PM EST1

Thank-you for your question. We haven't really planned any trips for certain festivities. Though we have been to the USA during Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years as well as the Philippines during Christmas and New years. We have come across smaller festivities while we have been on our travels and we love to make the most of it and take in the culture.

Dec 3, 10:02PM EST0

How many countries have you visited since your first travel?

Dec 3, 8:10PM EST1


Brazil, Canada, England, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States of America and Wales.

This December, we are going to the United States of America and we will be going into Mexico. so make that 19 by the end of the year.

Dec 3, 9:30PM EST0

In all the places you have ever been, can you name a place that you consider the best of all the best?

Dec 3, 8:02PM EST1

That is a very good question and if im honest it is a very hard question.  I would have to say Alaska for the outdoors and the beautiful scenery in which you really can not find any where else in the world. A very close second would have to be Japan, a must visit if you have the chance. 

Dec 3, 9:38PM EST0

What was the most wonderful experience you had with traveling?

Dec 3, 6:55PM EST1

Thank-you for your question. The most wonderful experience for us would have to be fishing in Fiji, where we caught a 90kg Marlin, 2x 45kg Sailfish (released), 50kg Yellow Fin Tuna, and a few other smaller tunas. It was a wonderful experience in which we caught the fish and then the fish was provided to the local villages for christmas festivities.

Dec 3, 9:53PM EST0

What is the most wonderful sight of mother nature made you have "jaw-dropped" in amazement?

Dec 3, 2:16PM EST1

Thank you for your question. The most wonderful sight of mother nature for us would have been in Anchorage Alaska where we saw Portage glacier carve. An amazing sight and we couldnt believe the timing in which a section of ice broke off before our eyes. 

Dec 3, 9:57PM EST0

Do you consider your budget before going on a trip?

Dec 3, 12:01AM EST1

Yes and no.

We try to book the cheapest airfares and accomodation when possible. However we are part of the Qantas' frequent flyer program (One World Alliance) and the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) so prefer to book flights and accomodation with them. To save us some money we will try look at having flights overnight and sleep on the plane etc. 

On a daily a basis we are pretty flexible with spending, though we try to keep everything as cheap as possible and look for the best deals. 

Dec 3, 12:53AM EST0
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