AMA on creating better experiences for tourists on mobile.

Oct 10, 2017

I'm Michael Hayes, cofounder of Pocket Leap. With Pocket Leap we want to make gorgeous tourist information apps more affordable for tourism businesses such as attractions, destinations and hotels.

We're a bootstrapped startup based in Glasgow, Scotland. We're a small team that have developed the product in house over the past few months and have launched apps such as Fresher Glasgow.

App's that would have cost thousands of pounds previously are now a small monthly fee.

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Have you tried crowdfunding and different marketing campaigns to gain more exposure for Pocket Leap?

Oct 11, 12:25AM EDT0

Hey Kathryn, we're bootstrapping the product just now but we're open to investment (of various types) in the future.

For Marketing we're trying new things all the time. Specifically at the moment we're putting a lot of effort into creating great content such as my recent blog post on the Microsoft Mobile Center blog and even this AMA. Do you have an suggestions?

Oct 11, 6:29AM EDT0

Your App sounds very cool! I thought you might like to check out this TravelAMA which is very interesting and incorporates your love for travel and unique attractions :) 

Oct 10, 7:19PM EDT0

Hi! is this similar to other Travel apps like advisor?

Oct 10, 6:41PM EDT0

Like Trip Advisor? Our apps are self branded apps made by attractions, destinations and hotels themselves. We hate how the tourist experience is still heavily reliant on paper, for example a theme park. You buy your ticket and you get a paper map of the park - its in one language, costly to produce, easy to lose, get wet, damage and the business itself doesn't gain any insight into customer behaviour from it.

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Oct 11, 6:31AM EDT0

What gave you the idea for Pocket Leap?

Oct 10, 2:37PM EDT0

Hey Faye. My cofounder, Chris, and I hate how the tourist experience is still heavily reliant on paper (at least here in Scotland). With paper the content is in one language, costly to produce, easy to lose, get wet, damage and the business itself doesn't gain any insight into customer behaviour from it.

My cofounder, Chris, and I hate how the tourist experience is still heavily reliant on paper (at least here in Scotland). With paper the content is in one language, costly to produce, easy to lose, get wet, damage and the business itself doesn't gain any insight into customer behaviour from it.

Mobile is full of opportunities for the tourism industry but is still expensive. A bespoke iOS or Android app could easily cost thousands of pounds/dollars to create and then be costly to maintain and update - our aim with Pocket Leap is to make those opportunities accessible and affordable to tourism businesses.

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Oct 11, 6:36AM EDT0

What is the most popular app customers have access to?

Oct 10, 1:34PM EDT0

Our most popular app has been the one created for those affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire in London and the subsequent problems. The app was created by largely non-technical people in our home city of Glasgow.

The app pulls together content from various sources (Government, support agencies, cahrities) and makes it available offline and accessible. Push notifications are used to keep users informed of new support, meetings etc. It's available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Oct 11, 6:42AM EDT0

What is the most popular tourist destination nowadays?

Oct 10, 1:33PM EDT0

It is still Philippines because it is the lowest cost and value for your money, hence you enjoy more and visit more places if you choose Philippines as your next destination.


Oct 10, 6:30PM EDT0
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Do you engage with the locals for making tourist information? If not what's the other source?

Oct 10, 11:43AM EDT0

Apps are made by communitiy groups, destination management organisations and local businesses. Our platform aims to empower them to make apps which would have previously cost thousands of pounds/dollars.

Oct 11, 6:45AM EDT0

Do you work with all locations worldwide or just in the UK?

Oct 9, 1:53PM EDT0

All our customers are UK based at the moment but we'd love to work with anyone, regardless of where they are based. Were are you from Nrose?

Oct 11, 6:45AM EDT0

Did you write the program yourself or do you work with a team?

Oct 8, 1:31PM EDT0

We have a small team two cofounders (myself, Michael, and cofounder, Chris) and we have a head of marketing Charlotte who has recently joined the team.

All the code has been written by us.

Oct 11, 6:46AM EDT0

Are you offering a platform for apps or is this an app for travel in Scotland?

Oct 8, 11:54AM EDT0

Hey Stephanie, Pocket Leap is a platform for creating apps. Full customised, self branded and self manged. App could be made for anywehere in the world. Are you hoping to create an app for something?

Oct 11, 6:47AM EDT0

Is this app a bit like tripadvisor but just for a single city?

Oct 8, 6:58AM EDT0

Neither. It's a platform for creating self branded tourist information guides. You could made and monetize your own app today if you like.

Oct 11, 6:48AM EDT0

What features does your app have?

Oct 8, 6:40AM EDT0

Our platform has loads. Each app can have - offline, mapping, push notifications, analytics, beacons, updateable content, automatic deploy to the App Store and more. Worth checking out our website - http://pocketleap.com/features/overview - and if you have any questions after the AMA you can get in touch with us throught that.

Oct 11, 6:50AM EDT0

What service do you offer?

Oct 8, 5:54AM EDT0

Hey Andreamoore the Pocket Leap platform makes it easy for brands to make and then easily manage their own mobile app on iPhone and Android for a small monthly free.

Oct 11, 9:43AM EDT0

What inspired the idea behind making such an app?

Oct 7, 8:12PM EDT0

The idea was to make mobile apps easier to make and more affordable. Tourism as a sector to work in was because I hate the reliance on paper for tourist information. Its 2017 man!

Oct 11, 9:43AM EDT0

Hi Michael, great to have you as a Host with us :)

How did you come up with the name for Pocket Leap? Also, how do you do user onboarding? 

Oct 7, 12:54PM EDT0

Naming Pocket Leap took a while. We wanted a name with an available .com domain, available social handles and something that expressed what the product was about. I think Pocket Leap does a good job for all os those criteria.

User onboarding is something we need to improve, at the moment a user signs up, starts to configure there app and populate it with content but really we as a team are heavily involved with helping users get set up - we really need to improve that experience so any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 11, 9:46AM EDT0

How much does it cost me and what does it include?

Oct 7, 7:59AM EDT0

Pricing is on our website but the most affordable way to get an app is iPhone only with a year commitment which works out at only £125 per month.

Oct 11, 9:47AM EDT0

Is it like a digital format of Time Out Magazine?

Oct 6, 11:21PM EDT0

Hey nataliesparks, Pocket Leap is a platform and users can create their own app so potentially customers could use it to create an app with similar content to Time Out.

Oct 11, 9:49AM EDT0

Can you explain a little bit more about what you are doing?

Oct 6, 8:28PM EDT0

Hey Michael. We're making it easier for hotels, attractions and destinations to get their content on their own fully branded mobile app.

If you want to give tourists a more up to date, user friendly and engaging experience than paper and web based tourist information you can easily create a self-branded mobile app on iPhone and Android with Pocket Leap.

Why? We think Pocket Leap is more cost effective than current tourist information options, its a better way to engage with customers (push messages etc), we think its a better experience for everyone (but especially for accessibility) and lastly we can provide businesses with insights that will help them improve how their business operates which isn't possible with paper and print.

Oct 11, 9:55AM EDT0

Where do you source the pictures from and do you need to have permission to use them?

Oct 6, 7:39PM EDT0

We know some talented photographers (they work alongside us in our coworking space called RookieOven) and we also use Unsplash - http://unsplash.com

Oct 11, 9:56AM EDT0

What exactly will your app do?

Oct 6, 2:43PM EDT0

Pocket Leap makes it easy for businesses to create, update and manage their own tourist information app on iPhone and Android from the browser.

Oct 11, 9:57AM EDT0
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