AMA: From TV News Reporter to World Traveler

Sasha Horne
Dec 4, 2017

For the past ten years, I've worn dozens of hats from secretary to producer, from media entrepreneur to public speaker.

Want to build a life as a media mogul? Ask me anything ranging from journalism jobs, art, travel, music, wellness, blogging, YouTube, social media, and tech trends. 

The most important takeaway I can offer is this: Follow your passion and the money will come. 

Can't wait to catch up with all of you. @SashaReports

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How do your earn from this?

Dec 8, 8:45PM EST0

Do you use YouTube a lot? Has it helped your business?

Dec 7, 10:25AM EST0

What are you doing presently as a main occupation?

Dec 6, 2:18PM EST0

You say follow your passion, how did you discover yours?

Dec 5, 2:51AM EST0

Of all the jobs you have done which one you like best and why?

Dec 5, 12:12AM EST0

Which social channel has been most beneficial to you to get prospects from?

Dec 4, 11:48PM EST0

Do you get your own speaking engagements or get invited to give speeches?

Dec 4, 10:54PM EST0

Did you always like public speaking or you were shy to begin with?

Dec 4, 6:08PM EST0

My family has countless stories of me taking a crack at public speaking before I even knew what it was. In high school, I gravitated towards theatre and in college communications. Public speaking was actually one of my first college classes.  I enjoyed being able to share my point of view and perspective with others. 

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Dec 4, 10:55PM EST0

What is your favourite book and why?

Dec 4, 5:17AM EST0

What sort of public speaking do you do?

Dec 3, 11:50PM EST0

What are the best free resources you have come across that have helped you a lot in your career?

Dec 3, 10:34PM EST0

When you get down what is the thing that keeps you motivated?

Dec 3, 6:53PM EST0

Can one get their name out there without throwing lots of cash for paid publications?

Dec 3, 2:07PM EST0

Do you do your marketing yourself or have an agency doing it for you?

Dec 3, 11:39AM EST0

What is the best part of your career?

Dec 2, 11:51PM EST0

Can you make good money with blogging?

Dec 1, 9:15PM EST0

You are part of pro-cannabis life magazine, what is your stance on cannabis? Do you see any down sides of using it?

Dec 1, 8:47AM EST0

What is your favourite place so far from the ones you have visited?

Nov 30, 5:20PM EST0

It's difficult to choose just one, but I would have to say I absolutely loved Lisbon.  I went for Web Summit, the largest tech conference in Europe, but flew in a few days before and stayed a few days after so I could do some sightseeing.  From the weather to the food to the vibrant community, I had a fantastic time! 

Dec 4, 7:40PM EST0

Is it harder being a woman in business than a men do you think?

Nov 27, 3:11AM EST0

What's the biggest risk you took to achieve what you have right now?

Nov 26, 10:14PM EST0
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